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mobile development

Nothing is just as contemporary than an app. In the huge current expansion of the mobile market, it is natural that a company may need to put foot in it, perhaps with a revolutionary idea, or perhaps just to reach new customers and signal its ability to keep up with the times.

Mobile application development, however, has some disadvantages: above all, it requires the development of the same application for different platforms - at least, two: iOS and Android. This, coupled with the inherent difficulties posed by the greater "rigidity" of cellular operating systems, and the need to interact with their stores for distribution, results in a significant increase in development times, and therefore, inevitably, costs. Other issues can arise over time: having to independently develop applications for different platforms, it's easy for apps to diversify over time, and that easily introduced innovations on a platform find it difficult to be implemented on another.

To address at least some of the issues we encountered in our own first apps development (in Java for Android and Swift for iOs), we have been studying a different, more advanced approach, based on Xamarin and C # language, which allows you to share most of the application code between the different platforms while retaining the ability to interact at the native level where necessary.

If you need to develop an app, please contact us without any commitment: we will be able to associate really competitive prices with the quality of our work.